Gemini: I am writing millions of letters a year . . 
Thursday, July 9, 2009 at 05:33PM
Mark Shulgasser in Gemini, allen ginsberg, ants, astrology, congolese, congolese ants, gemini, ginsberg

                                        . . .  I correspond with hopeful

          messengers in Detroit, I am taking drugs

and leap at my postman for more correspondence, Man is leaving

          the earth in a rocket ship,

there is a mutation of the race, we are no longer human beings,

          we are one being, we are being connected to itself,

it makes me crosseyed to think how, the mass media assemble

          themselves like congolese Ants for a purpose

                                                                      Allen Ginsberg


          communicate with me

          by mail post telegraph phone street accusation or scratching at my window

          and send me a true sign I'll reply special delivery


Allen Ginsberg


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