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Palin: There's no there there

 Aquarian Gertrude Stein’s comment about her hometown, Oakland CA,  “There is no there there.” points to the distinctly Aquarian imprint of Palin’s personality: daffy, wacky, spacey, airhead. This variation of unformedness of personality is the demeanor of a particular female Aquarian stereotype: disconcerting, saucer-eyed, strange-voiced, unblinking. Mia Farrow, Carol Channing, Tammy Grimes, Farrah Fawcett, Vanna White, Paris Hilton, with Palin’s own distinctive spunk, and telegenic skin.

 Palin’s got fully five of the seven bodies of the classical solar system located in the single sign of Aquarius. Gertrude Stein had a sizeable imbalance of Aquarius as well. Recall that she wrote her life story in the third person and in the guise of the autobiography of someone else. Her lesser known sequel was a book called “Everybody’s Autobiography”. Aquarians try to wiggle out of acknowledging there’s a Self there. Their sense of self is weak, they may diffuse their selves to include multitudes, or they may defend to the death against their oceanic insecurities, with a kewpie doll (or bow-tie) persona, or a shiny new, pre-fabricated belief system. Radical Aquarian Norman Mailer narrates his experience in the third person as a character named Aquarius in “Of a Fire on the Moon”; Chapter one is called “A Loss of Self”. Reactionary Aquarius historian Henry Adams narrates his great autobiography in the third person too. Two radical Russian distopias by Aquarian writers envisioned worlds in which the “I” is banished: Ayn Rand in “Anthem” and Zamyatin in “We”. [1924.  SciFi collectors: Banned by the Soviets, it first appeared in English translated by Gregory Zilboorg. I have a rare copy of the first edition at whokilledkenny books.]