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Slavoj Zizek and the Eclipse

Today is International Astrology Day

Much is being made of today’s eclipse which falls precisely on the zero degree of the Zodiac, the Vernal Equinox, where the last gasp of the exhausted Twelve, dissolved in the oceanic fantasms of the Fishes, gives it up to the blind up-rising birth-force of the Ram.

I’ve been astrologically following some of the well-known living philosophers, among whom certainly Slavoj Zizek stands out, and it happens that he was born on the 21st of March, in 1949, so that his sun stands in this very first degree of Aries. Moreover, the planet Mars on that day was in the adjacent last degree of Pisces, so today’s eclipse, remarkable in itself, presses the dominant button of Zizek’s personality, which sutures the zodiac's alpha and omega. 

That personality is marked by the shot-from-guns, volcanic fiery sun in the first degree of the first sign and of the fiery element, Aries, which might appear so much philosophical hot air and sputtering lava, but, closely conjunct the fiery Mars, and copiously supplied with Piscean seawater we get something more powerful, steam: cloudy, turgid, but a harnessable force. Another way to parse Zizek is to see his aggressive deployment of heavy philosophical artillery as Aries, and particularly derivitive of the Subject problem (as originated in the Aries Descartes and is handed directly to Zizek by the Aries Lacan). On the other hand the striking role played by the fantasies of the silver screen, and the Fantasmal at large, extending even to a kind of Christianity, refer to Pisces.


Coincidentally, the great mime Marcel Marceau was also born with Sun in 0 degree of Aries, and with a strong dollop of Pisces. Zizek is often called an entertainer. Can the creative energy that underlies his ceaseless and exclusive verbosity be the negative of the completely non-verbal art of the Frenchman?

The intense contact of Aries and Mars seethes with “Violence”, which is the title of one of Zizek’s recent books. The thread of violence runs through Aries historically: Grotius, Hobbes, de Maistre, Bismarck, Lenin, Hitler, Landru, Ernst Junger, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, all 4 horsemen of militant atheism (Harris, Dawkins, Dennett and Hitchens), Rodney King, Quentin Tarantino, lots of ax murderers, martial artists, superheroes, etc. The scent of revolutionary violence, its possibilities, threats and justifications, smolder continually in Zizek’s post-Marxism and set off alarms.

Some hold that the effect of an eclipse is felt in the world shortly thereafter, others anytime in the following year. Without an accurate birth-time I’m disinclined to essay prediction, but the stars seem to say that this year something's got to give. [2019: As far as I've heard, nothing particularly unusual happened to Zizek that year.]

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