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Gemini bloggers on

     This happened to me. I was reading a piece by English journalist/interviewer Lynn Barber in The Observer (via and I thought the writer had a Gemini vibe -- nothing in particular, and not unusual in a journalist/interviewer. The Observer gave her a bio where I read that she was born on May 22. Gratifying. One of her hobbies is gossip. Perfect.

     Then I checked out Huffington Post. I was interested in Gemini Brooke Shields's remarks about Michael Jackson. She brings up the subject of asexuality, which I find a Geminian topic (two of them I can think of, Elsa Maxwell and I. Compton-Burnett, claimed to be neuter). Among the comments one person writes, "Why is Brooke Shields always talking about asexuality?" I had no idea. I do remember the exquisite androgyny of her prepubescent modeling work. Another commenter says that Morrissey is an avowed asexual. I wonder if he's a Gemini, with all those double letters. Turns out he was born on May 22. Another hit. Plus, the 22 again.

     This, I thought, is not blog material, too trivial, too fussy, who's Lynn Barber, anyway. 

     Now, I have only eight or nine regular subscriber/readers. They know who they are, I (for the most part) don't. Aside from the regular perusers of Elsa's aggregator,, my blog is hardly seen by anyone. I feed it to Open Salon but have never, I think, known anyone there to read it. So an hour ago I get an email: an Open Salon blogger, MrsRaptor, has made me a favorite! I suppose it's because in my last post I mentioned Open Salon bloggers and how I wondered if Geminis predominate among them. For some reason, Open Salon likes everyone  easily to know the birthdate of their members. MrsRaptor was born on M A Y   2 2.

     Well, what can I do with this? Drop a few chips on 22 rouge?