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Geminis Cardozo and Habermas carry weight.

A highly distinguished Gemini attorney, “one of the most influential legal minds of [the twentienth] century”, would be Benjamin Cardozo,  revered Justice of the Supreme Court from 1932 until his death in 1938. Born 24 May 1870, he was one of twins, and lived his entire life, apparently celibate, with the older sister that raised him, another example of a talented Gemini  enacting a lifelong sibling-centered existence. Witness the gifts and interests of Hermes/Mercury, the patron of Gemini, in Cardozo’s contribution to contract law (dyadic, reciprocal),  while as a theorist of common law and social action he shares the terrain of the Gemini communications theorist Jurgen Habermas (18 June 1929), about whom I wrote a few weeks ago. The vibrational similarity (if I may) seems to play out in a physical resemblance.

Benjamin Cardozo


Juergen Habermas


 A weighty column by Habermas appears now on Arts and Letters Daily ( about the current European Union crisis. There are few public intellectuals left who express enlightenment ideals as forcefully and opportunely as he. (,1518,560549,00.html)

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