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Jezebel: Aries in Red #13

Aries often steps forth with spirited conviction and brings about disastrous consequences. In Jezebel, just for wearing a red gown to the All-White Cotillion, Bette Davis is inundated with humiliation and catastrophe.


Aries in red #8

Sarah Jessica Parker's  nose,  extensively discussed  on the web,  must be included in any list of disconcerting facial features among Aries celebrities. Bear in mind that Aries pertains to the face and head. I've already noted J. P. Morgan' famous, scary nose and the powerful eyebrows of Joan Crawford and Henry Paulson. (I'm  keeping  an eye on Barney Frank's Aries eyebrows as well; and btw happy birthday to Aries in Red Nancy Pelosi.)  And I've recently discerned that Aries atheist Daniel DennettDaniel Dennett in red and Aries author Donald Barthelme (who wrote a notable treatment of "Little Red Riding Hood") Donald Barthelmerecall the meaning of Aries  not only in their exploration of solipsism, but in their cultivation of aggressively annoying beards.

But back to Sarah Jessica Parker's nose, I am not alone in regarding it the elephant in the room. Witness:

Sarah's nose's rampage on New York,  uncannily echoes  The Nose by Aries  Nikolai Gogol, in which tale that facial organ separates itself from the head of a civil servant, takes on a mysterious identity of its own, and wreaks havoc in the streets of Saint Petersburg. Gogol was an Aries of the red-headed, dipsomaniacal, madman-type like Swinburne, Baudelaire and Van Gogh (whose ear was all over the place).  One of the few people in 19th century Russia with a sense of humor, he himself had a long nose. 


Aries in red #7

Sarah Jessica Parker was the third to wear Little Orphan Annie's famous red dress.


Scarlet women (#6)

Red signifies prostitution as codified in 17th century French legal code and in "scarlet woman" and "red light district". Here are two Aries actresses playing mother and daughter putting on the red in a grim tale of prostitution, Freeway.Reese Witherspoon and Amanda Plummer


Holiday in Red (#5)

Joseph Stone supplied this red rendition of Billie Holiday.

She tells an unforgetable story about a red dress in her autobiography, "Lady Sings the Blues":

When you did something against the rules [in the Catholic institution], at least they didn't beat you . . .

When you were being punished you got a raggedy red dress to wear. When you wore this dress none of the other girls were supposed to go near you or speak to you.

I'll never forget the first girl I saw wear the dress. She was a real wild one and she was alone in the backyard, standing on a swing. She kept swinging higher and higher, shouting and hollering, swinging higher and higher. She worked so hard she was puffing and huffing. And the kids stood around watching her, all eyes.

The Mother Superior tried to keep the kids moving and break up the crowd of gawking girls. The girl in the raggedy red dress kept on swinging and screaming. I guess she figured as long as she stayed up there on the swing no one could touch her. The Mother Superior just looked at ther, then she turned to a group of us and said: "Just remember, God will punish her."

In a few seconds there was a terrible jerk. As she swing to the highest point she could make on the swing, the chair broke and the girl flew through the air. Then there was a terrible thud and then nothing. When they found her, her neck was broken.

The first time I wore the red dress was at Easter.


Aries in Red #4

Isn't it astonishing that Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Bessie Smith, Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday are all Aries? Not to mention Alberta Hunter, Pearl Bailey and Mariah Carey. Aries Maya Angelou'a autobiography, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings", evokes the nascent soul, emprisoned in the negations of blackness and femaleness.